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history of bingo

History of Bingo Unlike other games of chance, the history of bingo is quite clear. Over the course of the history of bingo, the game has changed very little. The history of bingo begins with a game that was first played in Italy in the 1500’s. This game was called “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D'Italia”. By the 1700’s this game was being played in France under the name of “Le Lotto” and in German y. In Italy and France these games were played by the wealthy for money, while the Germans were using this game as a teaching tool for their children. For the next hundred years or so the history of bingo is quite quiet until the game reaches the United States of America. In the US the game was introduced to the public at a carnival near Atlanta under the name “Beano”. “Beano” had a caller and players covered the numbers called with beans, hence the name. Although very similar to bingo, beano was not yet the game we know today. Edwin S. Lowe, a toy salesman from New York, stumbled across the beano game and got caught up in the excitement the players were experiencing. Lowe, wanting to capitalize on that excitement, took the beano game back to New York and tested it out on some friends, thus forever altering the history of bingo. It was actually during that test game that bingo got its name. You see one of the players was so excited that she jumped up and yelled BINGO instead of BEANO. With that simple mistake Mr. Lowe had the name for the game. Aside from the name change Mr. Lowe also introduced about 6000 completely different bingo cards so there would be little chance of multiple winners in the same game. The history of bingo has been one of growth and evolution that continues to this day. Bingo has gone from numbers pulled from a box to mechanized ball shufflers and from beans being used to cover numbers to ink dabbers. In recent years bingo has continued to evolve by making the leap from the bingo hall to the internet in online casino with online bingo. Many people assume wrongly that Bingo comes from the game Keno. While both games use round numbered balls, a game card, keno is closer to a lottery than to bingo. One thing Bingo did get from Keno is appectance in the casino world. Keno Online and playing Bingo online are similar and allow players to communicate with each other very freely.